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Shenzhen Newchabridge Communication Co., LTD, established in August 2003, is a high-tech corporation invested by Hong Kong Chabridge Electronic LTD with a registered capital of USD 28 million. In October 2007, Newchabridge was listed in “Top 100 Communication Companies of China”, becoming a leading force of China’s mobile device development.

       Newchabridge specializes in GSM, CDMA, 3G(TD-CDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000), PHS, flat panel display, LCD screen, entertainment product and ODM. For many years, Newchabridge has been pursuing excellence in order to bring the best products to customers. As a growing high-tech company, Newchabrdige is becoming one of the leading forces of China’s mobile device industry.

 Newchabridge created a top-notch quality testing and environment control system, which is a reason that Newchabridge is one of the earlier companies to receive ISO9000 and ISO14000. With long-term research investment, Newchabridge received several major high-tech certificates such as RFID, PHS, and MPEG-4.
       Newchabridge not only produces mobile devices, but also LCM models, etc, creating a complete supply chain.

       As a high-tech corporation and member of Shenzhen New technology association, Newchabridge received the authorization of GSM projects from Development and Reform Commission in September, 2007. Since then, Newchabridge’s brand name mobile phone has entered the Chinese market. As of now, Newchabridge’s sales network covers every region in China and developed foreign markets, such as Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

Located in Baolong Industrial City of Longgang district, Shenzhen, Newchabridge industrial park covers about 10 thousand square meters and produces over 10 million mobile phones per year. It is not only an important site of development, production and export of communication and digital products in China, but also a cornerstone for Newchabridge’s future development.

In the future, Newchabridge will continue to invest on research and development of mobile devices and provide the best products to our customers.
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